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Metal/Steel Building Construction

What sets us apart from other contractors? We’re the only authorized dealer in Rigid Global Metal Buildings in the central Florida area. Your new building will be manufactured with higher-quality metals than our competitor’s.

Aspen Diversified Construction, Inc. specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings in a variety of applications. Regardless of your metal building need, move forward with Aspen Diversified Construction, Inc.

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Pre-engineered metal buildings serve the needs of many businesses and Aspen Diversified Construction, Inc. specializes in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings including:

Agricultural buildings

We build steel and metal barns and other agricultural structures as per your requirements. These are completely custom designed structures for every client. Our agricultural metal buildings are highly customizable, styling and durable. We build structures that can take a severe beating from the elements in the form of rain, hurricane-force winds, and so on and come out unscathed. Our metal barns make for the best storage solutions for your commercial agricultural needs. Our customized solutions will ensure your barns and other structures acquire that classic American aesthetics or something a bit more exotic. So, whatever your agricultural metal building needs – livestock or dairy barns, hay sheds, stables, riding arenas (covered, open air, or indoor) – we can fabricate the right metal agricultural building to meet your agricultural metal building needs.

Aviation Hangers 

There is no better material than steel to build enduring aviation structures. We build various aviation steel buildings including airplane hangars, hangar homes, and operations bases for FBOs. Our aviation facilities are built to the highest engineering standards and guaranteed to withstand the worst of Florida weather including storms, and even hurricane-force winds. We’ll build airplane hangars to house your hobby airplanes all the way up to larger business size airplanes. It goes without saying that our airplane hangars are built keeping in mind fire suppression needs to protect those expensive airplanes as well as to meet your insurance requirements. We ensure our metal hangars are energy efficient so that your utility bills do not go through the roof.

We have solutions for any design challenges, and you can trust our lengthy experience to result in precise planning and better execution. We’ll suggest the best airplane hangar solution for you including the type of door system and different structural design alternatives including gable symmetrical, gable unsymmetrical, and single slope structural systems.

So whether you need hangars, hangar homes, maintenance hangars, etc. Aspen Diversified is the best solution in Florida. We will also take care of your specific aviation requirements such as setting up an overhead crane for airplane engine overhauls or a ventilation system for airplane painting jobs.

Commercial Buildings 

Our commercial steel buildings include office buildings, retail buildings, and strip centers. We are a wide-ranging construction and engineering experience; we ensure the kind of structural integrity and aesthetic finish that will attract customers. Our integrated design and engineering capabilities ensure the right decisions are taken about various design aspects such as roof type, roof shape, or overhang design and so on. Steel framing ensures the structure is so strong that it does not require additional interior columns or load-bearing walls. This leads to great flexibility for the interior layout of your commercial building and the maximum utilization of interior space.

Industrial Metal Buildings 

Our depth of expertise in design and erection of industrial metal buildings makes us one of the premiere industrial metal building companies in Florida. Our industrial metal buildings include warehouse buildings and manufacturing facilities. Aspen Diversified has extensive experience in designing and engineering beam and column type metal buildings for the maximum availability of large and open floor space areas. If your industrial structure needs overhead cranes, jib cranes, or gantry cranes etc. we can build the structures to support those as well. So whatever your industrial metal building needs – warehouse, storage, manufacturing, industrial – give us a call and we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

  • Institutional Buildings 

    We design, engineer and construct a range of institutional buildings including schools, government buildings, fire stations, and day care centers. We have experience in building primary and secondary schools of various sizes and with all the modern facilities you expect in a 21st century school building. Our expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings and structural steel ensures your school buildings will have the classrooms, sports facilities, gyms, cafeterias, libraries, and administrative offices that will meet the quality expectations of your community. Our schools are architecturally designed to be a focal point of the local community and they are structures that the community can feel proud of. We ensure that the classrooms are beautiful and engaging in a way that the students will feel welcomed in. Finally our pre-fabricated institutional buildings are built to withstand Florida’s weather uncertainties and extremes. Being made of structural steel ensures that these structures are ‘built to last’ for decades. They will be termite and mold resistant as well as maintaining their aesthetics for years and decades after construction.

Our buildings for federal, state, and local governments, as well as those for military bases meet the respective building codes as determined by the government. Our healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, and doctors’ offices are built for the highest standards of patient care and modern healthcare and hygiene standards.

  • Religious Facilities 

    We build churches and other centers for worship that serve small communities. Public gathering areas such as these should feel warm, welcoming, and comfortable while building a greater engagement within the community.

Pre-engineered metal churches ensure quicker delivery and lower costs. Metal construction also guarantees a greater availability for interior space; something absolutely necessary for congregation. We ensure great aesthetics as well with an endless variety of design and finishing options. The structure’s interiors and exteriors are fully customized with a variety of lighting options as well as door, window, and ceiling designs. We’ll create the right kind of appearance regardless of the religion that will practice there. The community will be proud of the building for years to come and we’ll build a structure that will become a local landmark apart from being a focal point for the community. For your religious facility construction needs, give us a call today and our representatives will be happy to meet with you in person to discuss the details.


Being an Authorized Builder for Rigid Global Buildings, provides us with the confidence of working with one of the industries leading metal building manufacturers. Our partnership allows us to utilize Rigid’s state of the art manufacturing facilities, access to the industry’s top engineering professionals, and the history of a reputable company.


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