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Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Small Kitchen
The main room of the home that is frequently used by residents is the kitchen and often Orlando kitchen remodeling is desired. The space should be attractive and functional to ensure that it is easy to use as you cook and entertain. If you’re ready to remodel the kitchen but don’t have a lot of room to work with, there are a few remodeling tips to follow to transform and improve the setting.

Install a Backsplash

A backsplash will incorporate extra detail into the room and can distract your guests from looking at how limited the space is in the kitchen. Backsplashes on smaller walls are more affordable and can allow you to choose a dramatic look that is metallic or features a mosaic design. You can liven up the room and increase the value of the home with a traditional Orlando home remodeling project by setting the tone of the space with sleek, modern tiles that are decorative.

Install a Slimmer Refrigerator

Increase the amount of space that is available by opting for a slimmer fridge that can add more countertop space. Choose a product that is 24-inches wide but still looks stylish to ensure that the appliance contributes to the design of the room. It’s also important to push it up against the wall to free up space in the middle of the kitchen to prevent it from feeling cramped in the walkway.

Choose Large and Light Tiles

When installing a new flooring material, choose tiles that are large and have a light color shade to create a light and airy setting in the home. You’ll create the illusion of a larger room instead of making the room feel busy with small, dark tiles. Larger tiles that are at least 18″ x 18″ reduce the number of grout lines that are present to avoid creating a cluttered setting.

Increase the Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to create a well-lit space that isn’t dark and gloomy, which can often feel small. Use light and airy pendants over the bar or a chandelier over the kitchen island when remodeling. You can also lighten up the environment with light color shades that are used on the walls. Consider repainting the kitchen cabinets white or light gray to make the kitchen feel spacious.

Avoid Wasting Space

By utilizing each square inch of the kitchen, you can have more room to store your spices or dishes that are used each day. You’ll need to get creative when it comes to making use of space that is available to ensure that you can store everything that you need. Filler cabinets with sliders make spices easy to access as you cook and fit in between cabinets. The storage is extremely narrow but will fit smaller items that can easily get lost and create clutter on shelves.
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Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips
Use a Smaller Sink

Many people don’t realize that the sink takes up a significant amount of space and can be replaced while remodeling the home. Consider purchasing a smaller sink that still serves its purpose but doesn’t take up a fraction of the room. You can create more room to prep food or make coffee while still having the necessary space to rinse off produce or do the dishes.

Adding shorter countertops will also make it easier to get around while navigating the room.

Small kitchen remodeling can be a successful process with the right steps taken. By reevaluating the space that is available and by thinking outside of the box, you can enhance the size of the room and get more use out of it in the coming years.

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