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Aspen Diversified offers extensive experience in tenant build outs or tenant improvements. We provide construction services tenant build out or improvement services to renovate shell buildings or existing commercial tenant spaces to make them suitable for new businesses. Our experience of tenant build outs in Florida includes taking existing interiors with dirt floors and no rough plumbing and remodeling them to appropriately meet the standards and needs of the customers. We also perform remodeling of an existing business which chooses to move elsewhere. “Vanilla Shell” tenant improvements describe an interior space with finished floors, ceilings, walls, lighting and HVAC facilities. “Gray Shell” refers to a dilapidated space without HVAC, lighting or potentially the other aspects. Regardless of what type of shell construction you need, we can assist you.

Tenant Build Out Experience – It Matters

Our range of expertise includes fitting new walls, false ceilings, insulation from the elements, flooring with materials of your choice including linoleum, bio-flooring, vinyl sheet, vinyl composition tile (VCT), ESD, commercial laminate, commercial hardwood, etc. Different flooring choices have their own unique advantages, and we will discuss with all clients about the variables that go into the construction, be it cost, aesthetics, and durability. Nothing will have a greater impact on the overall look and feel of an office space as your choice of flooring.

You want your office space – be it a law firm, a doctor’s office, or technical firms – to have a certain professional look which combines elegance with functionality. So choose your flooring material wisely. Laminate flooring, for example, is durable and easy to install. It’s also available in a wide variety of colors. They can be installed on top of an existing floor, which lowers the cost and time needed to install. Not to mention that they are also resistant to mold and bacterial growth. All of the positives for laminate go along with the negatives, such as water damage susceptibility, scratching and denting. Vinyl flooring is also a popular and cost-effective choice, but it too has its downsides.

With our vast experience spanning decades, we can shepherd a tenant build out project expertly. We ensure enough personnel are deployed on any given tenant improvement project who have different areas of expertise such as project management, design, or various technical skills. Our experience ensures that we undertake tenant build outs while keeping the long-term needs of the property owners in mind so that won’t have problems with remodeling the interiors in case of further tenant churn.

We follow building standards so that interior walls can be demolished to create larger or smaller rooms, which allows for future tenants to have some flexibility. Our walls only go as high as the ceiling so that regardless if walls get relocated, the ceiling remains intact. The only thing that will need to be taken into account is the placement of light fixtures and water sprinkler heads. Property owners benefit when they depend on our experience and expertise as we meet all current and future desires so the need for future renovations are kept to a minimum.

The Importance Of A Budget

The budgeting of tenant improvement and build out projects is a critical part of the overall project’s success and its remaining on time and within budget. We help with the budgeting of your tenant build out project and in calculating the lease rate with the tenants. We work in conjunction with both the tenant and the property owner so that any concerns are easily addressed early on in the project. We ensure both parties are kept in the loop and satisfied with the schedule, budget, and project progress. With our long experience, we manage to stick to the typically tight tenant build out schedules while meeting the tenant’s requirements and keeping costs to a minimum.

So whatever your tenant build out needs – new ceilings, insulation, flooring, demolition of existing structures, new fire sprinklers, new bathrooms and showers or Jacuzzi tubs, new LED or energy saving electrical lighting systems, electrical systems upgrade, drywall installation, new windows installation, new doorways through walls, painting, addressing code violation issues, installation of sound barriers for privacy, medical devices or equipment installation and much more  – give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate of costs and timelines.

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