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Aspen Diversified is proud of the record of its decades-long expertise in commercial shell construction. This encompasses several types of commercial buildings including healthcare facilities such as medical or doctor’s offices and dentist’s offices, shops and retail establishments including chain stores, convenience stores, discount stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, health food stores, hobby stores, and liquor stores, restaurants and hotels and so on. Increasingly there are mixed use developments coming up across many cities and states.

Florida has the Midtown Miami urban development project with high-rise residential buildings, a hotel, two parks, and a major urban shopping area. Our commercial building shell construction expertise also includes applying for all applicable local permits so that your commercial building is in line with the local zoning regulations. Construction activities in commercial areas are subject to a range of zoning laws and it’s important to stay in compliance to avoid fines and to protect your commercial insurance clauses.

We manage the entire shell construction process including scheduling, paying subcontractors, designing the contracts, material purchases, and so on. We ensure the commercial property has a ready parking lot. We provide the exterior roofing to the property as per your choice of materials, and we ensure the property has the necessary fire lines, water lines, and is ready for HVAC ducts installation as well as internal electrical wiring to be installed as per the needs of different commercial tenants.

Since we have experience in both shell construction and tenant build outs, we can perform any level of work, whether it’s just completing the shell of the building or taking it to full construction. The build out involves having proper architectural plans and site plans including floor plans – includes entrances, exits, windows, partitions, fixed equipment, fixtures – and details and/or cross sections of walls and ceilings. The site plan has to show fire access lanes and the locations of the fire hydrants and identify accessibility routes of travel and handicapped parking areas and solid waste and recycle collection areas.

More permits that may be needed include fire alarm systems, plumbing, sprinkler systems, elevators, or electrical permits and so on.

Our concrete and masonry services include concrete foundation, tie beams, slab on grade and various types of flat work such as driveways, walkways, and patios.

We at Aspen Diversified have expertise in standard block construction, various options for roofing systems including thermoplastic roofing (TPO), EPDM roofing, fiberglass GRP roofing, asphalt, and metal roofs using various metals such as corrugated galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

We have experience in tilt-up wall panes with metal bar joist, metal building construction with metal skin exteriors, or metal buildings with expanded polystyrene stay-in-place concrete forms for the exterior walls and roof systems that are constructed from metal bar joist insulated with icynene foam insulation.

Energy efficient buildings are the wave of the future as they ensure:

  • Monthly cost savings
  • Tax saving credits
  • A more comfortable building
  • Better return on your investment
  • Stronger construction to prevent damage from hurricane forces
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Faster construction due to using polystyrene blocks

Renovation Of A Commercial Building:

A construction project such as a commercial shell construction will have several moving parts including changing schedules, and evolving designs. With our expertise and technical know-how, we ensure your project reaches completion despite all these moving parts.

We also perform restoration and renovation of commercial buildings. Restoration activities can include exterior repainting and waterproofing, staircase repairs or replacement, repairs to take care of termite or water penetration damage, balcony or stucco repair and replacement, hurricane repairs and fire damage restoration.

Renovation activities can include both exterior and interior renovations, drywall installation, concrete and sidewalk work, parking lot renovation, and roofing repairs and replacement.

We and our design professionals will work together with you to decide on the kind of renovations needed for your commercial building. We have helped hundreds of customers throughout our twenty plus years of business and we enjoy the challenges that each project brings.
We have converted many different facilities and here are just a few:

  • Dance studios to an 8 exam room doctor’s office
  • Gym to a 14 exam room doctor’s office
  • Empty shells converted to insurance offices, marketing offices, general business offices, eye care offices, and dental offices
  • Glass factory to an indoor air conditioned batting cage facility
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