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Small Bathroom Ideas

It is time for us to state facts simply: some bathrooms in certain homes are just really small. We find that these bathrooms are, therefore, all the more difficult to do an Orlando bathroom remodel on. All hope is not lost, or so we have found. A remodeling project in small bathrooms can be done just as easily as in larger bathrooms, so long as the right ideas are employed. We present a few ideas of ways to go about updating a small bathroom so that it is both functional and full of as much storage room as possible.

Use Glass and Much As Possible

It is the well-known knowledge that mirrors are great at reflecting light, so they can make a small room look bigger. However, we have found that using glass containers and decorations helps to amplify that effect. Glass containers can be used to hold many things, including cotton balls, makeup sponges, toothbrushes, liquid soap, and even Q-tips.

Glass Bathroom

Color Coordination

As with any room you may want to improve with orlando home remodeling, color coordination is important. We believe this statement could not be any truer about small bathrooms. Dark colors with pops of color can appear to be sleek and make accessories stand out, making them the focal point of the room instead of the room’s size. At the same time, placing darker accents in a room that has lighter colored walls will make it seem larger, making it feel airy and open. We find that either color scheme works to meet the needs of small bathrooms, but the colors have to be coordinated closely for this to work. All of the colors should tie together instead of working against each other to make one item become a standout eyesore.

Bathroom Color Coordination

Following Hotels' Bathrooms Simplicity

Hotels often have smaller bathrooms, and therefore, their design is rather simple. Sometimes, we can borrow ideas from this mindset. In this case, less is more. Neutral colors with white surfaces and silver fixtures are often used. A large mirror is usually in place, which we discussed the benefits of using such a thing previously. At the same time, there are few decorations to clutter up the room’s appearance.

Hotel Bathroom
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Using Geometry in Designs

Sometimes, when a bathroom does now allow for much room to accessorize, we find that the walls of the room must speak to the design being conveyed. Therefore, things like geometric lines and angles with neutral and bright colors mixed together can give a bathroom of any size, especially small bathrooms, a personality of its own. However, we suggest that busier patterns should be left to an accent wall only, though.\

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Be Storage Savvy

One of the largest problems with a small bathroom is trying to find enough storage to meet the needs of everyone in the house it belongs to. Now is the time to really get creative. We often see bathrooms that use pull out cabinets instead of traditional shelving to offer more storage that is also easily organized. These pullout sections can also be placed on a rotating or swivel caddy, just like the ones that are found in kitchens, which we find offers the most storage for a tight situation.

Bathroom Storage

Final Words on Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

While these ideas barely scratch the surface of design ideas for the remodel of a small bathroom, we believe they are a start on the right track to a great bathroom. The key is to focus on making as much use of the small space as possible to keep it organized and easy to use without making it feel cramped and cluttered.v

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